This fixed it. Thanks Mario.


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From: Mario Hartmann []
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hi leo,

that looks like you have the wrong version of the 'DUEMETRI.UI.WebControls.HWMenu' component , because in this component the property is defined which is mentioned in the error message.

(The version should be


ciao mario

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Betreff: [Rainbowportal-devel] Issues converting to VS.Net 2K3 and Framework 1.1

When I open and compile the CVS version or even the Rainbow Update V1.2.8.1722 zip version, of the project in VS.Net 2003 and try to run it the menu breaks. To be more specific the following happens?


1.       The menu doesn’t show up on the page.

2.       Internet Explorer reports that there are script errors on the page.


I have an example uploaded to the following site…


Has anyone run into this problem already?