Rainbow developers,
Exciting things are happening on the Rainbow front.  On January 20th a handful of the core developers met in London.  I attended via Skype with 2 way audio.  At that meeting they asked if I would take the lead with a project to move ahead with a version of Rainbow focused on Whidbey.  I have taken the challenge.  It has become so much more. 
This last Tuesday evening I met with several other developers in my home in Boise.  We kicked off what is going to be a whole new era for Rainbow Portal.  In the next few days we will be announcing a new site with project plans, and road-maps.  We covet your input.  In short the plan is to settle for nothing less than complete domination in the CMS and Portal framework open source space.  In order to obtain that goal we must have the best product and cooperation from all involved.  There are many areas today where Rainbow is superior.  There are also many areas where it is not.  We will improve on what has been done right and we will aggressively work to go beyond expectations in the areas we have lacked in.
Blogging has become almost the industry standard for developers to share their thoughts and be involved in communities.  Major announcements may be made to this list, but my own personal circle of communities extends beyond Rainbow.  For that reason I recommend that you not only remain on this list, but that you also follow the blogs of other Rainbow developers.  If you do not have a blog already you may want to start one.  I will list all Rainbow developer blogs on the Rainbow v.Next portal as soon as we get it set up.  Blogs have a great side effect of increasing expose via search engines.  If you google my name you will find my blog at the top of the list and it is brand new.  I urge any of you who have the slightest interest to start a blog.  If you do nothing more than link to the rest of the Rainbow Bloggers and the Rainbow Portal community you will have done us all a big favor.
Current Rainbow Bloggers:
Cory Isakson: http://blog.coryisakson.com
John Mandia: http://weblogs.asp.net/jmandia/
Ed Daniel: http://weblogs.asp.net/edaniel/
If you visit my blog you will see some exiting news about a possible Rainbow meeting in Boise in mid to late March.  Stay tuned...
Cory Isakson
Rainbow Portal v.Next

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