I have wanted to build that kind of module for a long time.  I have been inspired by: and
It seems to me that with some XML and XLST it should be very trivial to have a dynamic type of form.  By submitting the form to a standard page that turns the fields and values back into Elements and values within the original XML I would also think that building a flexible system for this would not be difficult.  If it worked with InfoPath that would be even better.  Do you have InfoPath?  The Xforms standard also looks like something I need to understand better.

"Thierry (Tiptopweb)" <> wrote:

I would like to do module displaying as a form a user can fill (like the
'send thought' module but a flexible one where the controls in the form
could be adjusted as part of the administration of the module)

The definition of the controls in the form would be an XML schema file (no
interface to build it for now, just has to type it and put it as a param of
the module)
The data to populate the form would be read or saved as an xml string (in a
file or in an sql ntext field).

There could be also one or several xsl files to process the xml (generating
html or text) to display the data entered by the user for confirmation or to
send an email when the user submit the form (along with saving it in as a
string in SQL table).

-> this could be used with the registration of the users for example.
add a metadataxml ntext field to the user table and have the 'flexible
form' even as a datatype to include in several modules.

Anyone with thoughts on this? Already did something? Interested?
Is there any other products like Office Infopath or Altova Authentic 5 we
could use or get inspired?

The best would be to have a new datatype or control in the UI directory with
the xsd (schema) file as a parameter, an xml string for the data... and be
able to use this in various modules to add flexibility to various modules
a metadataxml string could be added as default to the rb_Modules table


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