Rainbow Developers,

In the Public int TabID is looks like the set property calls back on iteself.

I found this because I was trying to improve the speed of my Intranet portal.  When I watched SQL Profiler I noticed that there were tons of executions of rb_GetTabSettings.  I found that portal settings is iterating through every tab in the portal to decide what the user can and can't see as well as getting the name, etc. of each of those properties.  It looks like the offending code is in Portsettings but I am not having much luck debugging it because I can't seem to get the same results in Query Analyzer to figure out why it is looking at all of the tabs. 

Any help is appreciated.  I believe that this is a significant performance issue that we should address before any kind of 1.0 release.

Cory Isakson
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