The localization is almost done for all core modules

We need a way to easily translate keys placed in db (can be an external app or a rb module) Ideas?

How about a central site (www.rainbowportal.net) with all of the keys and translatations stored in it.  Web Services interface could expose it so that all Rainbow Portals could retrieve the updates and insert new keys as needed.  If each update was versioned then all portals would know which words were new since they last synced.  The sync feature would be an Admin only thing and could even be limited to 1/day/user or something like that.  The idea needs a little more thought, but I think with a central store for language it will be much easier to build a tool for keeping it up to date. 


I should receive an updated setup code to create db.

It is also important that we still have the scripts to update our old versions, but for new installs having a clean script would be very nice.

Dll subdivision

Before closing v1 I want to split up the code base in 2 main areas:

Engine and web (like aspnet forums) The engine is subdivide in mode dll (see attached schema).

I have already worked in this direction moving classes and namespaces.

See if it makes sense.



I was wondering if we should move to a common way for edit pages.

For V1, I think we can stick with what we have for edit pages.  I would like modules or a central edit page of some kind, but I would rather see the time invested in V2 than continuing to perfect V1.


If you have any ideas about features to add or  bugs we need to fix before v1 is released let me know.

I would like to include the ability to store images in the database, but I do not know how soon I can get a component finished.  I think we can continue to add things like that to V1 after release.  We just do not need to make them a priority and we can have a V1.1 release a couple months after V1 if necessary.

Cory Isakson
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