Rainbow Devs,
Something I have been thinking about that we should consider as we move forward.  DotNetNuke has some good devleopers working on it and it has a lot of similiarty to Rainbow since they both derived from IBS.  Intially I would like to see if we can pursue implementing both a Rainbow and Nuke interface in our module implementations so that out of the box our module devleopers can support both portals.   I do not even know if Nuke modules currently implement any interfaces, but it should not be difficult to look into.  I know a Nuke developer here in town so I can get some communication into their group if needed.  This will especially help commercial module developers who want to support both portals.  Lets show Nuke that we are interested in working with them by supporting them with our modules.  There may be some Nuke developers not interested in working with us, but the ones I know myself are not so stubborn.  By having different assemblies for the various functions we may be able to work with Nuke to benefit both groups.  I would like to have some of their people working with us on user interface and such.  If we can create a good working environment for supporting code that works well together then perhaps the single portal vision can come true.  By using interfaces for everything I should even be able to create Nuke implementations of many Rainbow features.  I have had many conversations with developers who are trying to decide which portal to use and work with.  I hate the fact that they must pick one.  If we can do anything to bring Nuke and Rainbow together then I believe that will be a positive move.  It is something that I certainly will consider with the work I do for Rainbow.
Anyone going to the PDC in Los Angeles at the end of October?  I would love to meet up with you there!
Cory Isakson