I think this is a good idea.


1.)    The existence of a third-party marketplace seems to be an important determiner in influencing potential clients’ perceptions. The presence of the third-party marketplace is, at least anecdotally, associated with a more robust and supported platform.

2.)    There is a buyer/user need to know about whether a product will work on the portal version the buyer is using. While the certification may not be very meaningful to core community members right now, for users who are migrating from DNN, I think it will be important and reassuring, given the plethora of versions and modules they’re currently grappling with. Even in Rainbow space, where the problem is minor because modules are always, usually, integrated into the core and therefore work with all later releases, the problem will eventually crop up. Certification can be as simple, in the beginning, with tracking this information for users.

Of course, over time, the certification must continually evolve and push quality levels higher in order to be taken seriously.


Dave Wakefield

Sustained Advantage



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hi to all
a short email just to let u know that Rainbow has its own shop for modules and skins. If you are interested in sell modules or skins that u have made and which won't be inserted in the core, pls, go to http://shop.rainbowportal.net, verify terms and contitions and feel free to contact me for any question. We are collecting products to sell and we hope that the shop will be completely active within the end of november.

i think that we should start thinking to a kind of certification process (for modules and skins) and i suppose that ur teams could work thinking about it. I have some ideas about it but i would like to know ur opinion in advance (is this a good thing, it's useless, its a waste of time, it's a commercial opportunity and so on ..)


thnx to all


Graziano Poretti
http://www.rainbowportal.net - http://www.duemetri.com
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