The page you linked to for the Wiki does not contain a module (at least in my browser).  Might have something to do with the fact that we moved the Wiki engine to the RainbowPortal – and I think there was some talk of simply running it in its own area since it now is running at a site/address.


The new address for the Wiki is:  Http://


That link should be on the page referenced below and/or you can run it in an IFrame as we previously discussed.


I’m gradually trying to get either linked (forum posts) or docs into the Wiki… Most nights I try to do one but we’ve been real busy at work.


As it becomes more of a TOPICAL/Indexed reference library, it might be a good supplement to the forum posts and documentation area.


I think we may not see whether it becomes an easy way to build documentation until it gets a bit more content.


Dave Wakefield

Sustained Advantage


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Subject: [Rainbowportal-devel] Documentation team status update


I have updated the Documentation page

And the Documentation Team page

To reflect the latest projects and contributors. 

Several people have volunteered over the past few months but have not yet contributed any documents.

Please let me know if

1) You do not plan to submit any documentation, and would like to be removed from the volunteer list

2) You already submitted something, but you are not listed on the contributors list.  I sincerely apologize for forgetting your contribution.

3) You have some new documentation you would like posted on the web site.

4) You would like to volunteer for a documentation project.

Of particular interest is Dave Wakefield's Wiki-based Rainbow documentation.  Anyone can contribute online to this document either by adding new content or just posting questions on the pages that already exist.


Mark McFarlane