Thanks Thierry,
I'm replying to the complete developers list because I suspect this is a problem others either have, or will run into.
Here's the process I followed:
I 'Checked Out' all of Rainbow (from CVSROOT, including the installer, VB version, ...) into a clean empty folder.  CVS delivered an Esperantus DLL that was from June 6th, and an older HWMenu.dll and a few others. 
I then went to the web browser view of Rainbow on SourceForge and saw that the esperantus.dll listed had a date of June 25th.  So I deleted several of the .dll's from my local /bin directory and then did an update, which seemed to deliver the right versions, or at least versions that I could build against.
It's kind of weird because if I look in my /bin directory right now, some of the dll's show dates that match the time I updated from CVS (like Esperantus now says June 27th) but some of the other dll's have dates much older.
I think this is definitely a problem with either
1) my local CVS client
2) TortoiseCVS
3) SourceForge's CVS server
Is everyone using Tortoise?  Anyone else have problems where they don't get the proper files?
Part of the reason I am asking is, of course, I'll end up writing up some documentation on using CVS for Rainbow, tips and tricks, ... :)  Manu already has a short document I put on the web site.
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Hi Mark just saw all your emails,
The only thing I can think of is that the CVS was not updated, or because you recompile the Dll so it modified them and CVS saw a conflict in the Dll and did not update them (making a red line in the window and saying it failed)
Anyway, I always rebuild the application after updating from CVS, this is good practice and check all files are in project.
I use ExamDiffPro to look at the differences between my own version in my own directory and the new version in CVS
Except for Esperantus now and in that case we have to watch that Manu or Jess are putting the last version in CVS, it happened a few times when they forgot.
Hope this help
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I figured out the problem.  For some strange reason my installed version of TortoiseCVS 1.4.0 RC5 retrieved older versions of several of the .dll's in /bin, like Esperantus and Rainbow.

Has anyone else seen this behavior before?

I'm new to TortoiseCVS and CVS and so want to know what to watch out for.