Hi folks, so many news and so little time to handle.

I’m finally back at work after vacations and I have tons of things to handle before all would fine.

Anyway Rainbow is growing and I want to really thank all people involved in this big adventure.

Some news are in marketing and strategy, I will come with details next week.


Some good news.

First: Rainbow was reviewed on top Italian financial newspaper (Il sole 24 ore) on 24 jul 2003, just let list know about it.


Another good news: Mike Upshon, the creator of Kickstarter want help us.

Register to http://beta.kickstarter.net/Default.aspx  and get the latest copy. I have tried it and I think it is great.

It is a code/dal generator and it is especially useful for building data/driven modules.

Code generated is royalty free and can be distributed as open source or for paying.

It is a commercial product but Mike should made it available the final version for free to rainbow contributors.

Have a look and try it. It is in free test until the end of month.


Another proposal was Simplido, you can find more info http://www.izenda.com/Izenda/Page.aspx?content=Simplido37

The bad side of it is that is a product that will be licensed only for Rainbow use (you cannot use in other projects without paying a license) and would be a core component not open source. Anyway have a look at it.


I hope to quickly find time to reply to other mails.




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