I have included your fix in my local copy.

Will be available on CVS on my next commit.

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Da: [] Per conto di yiming
Inviato: lunedì 18 agosto 2003 19.41
Oggetto: [Rainbowportal-devel] !!!oops, do not approve prior message of this subject: OK, so anybody congratulates me for this? it's the first thing I've done in the rainbow source.


!!!!! NOTICE, the following message need to be corrected as this one

From: yiming []
Tuesday, August 19, 2003 12:15 AM
To: ''
Subject: OK, so anybody congratulates me for this? it's the first thing I've done in the rainbow source.


I made a mistake on the code. I’m apology, please don’t approval the prior message.

Approve this instead, this one is correct. So embarrassed, I didn’t check the code twice…



It’s a simple one, but it’s also the first one I do in the rainbow source.

But I need someone to tell me if this is the best solution or not,

And helping me to release this in the next patch if necessary( I think it is).


It’s modified from the code V1.2.8.1733


OK, here is the problem:

In the PortalWebPath, for example, if your site path is “/_rainbow”,

you can add a path like: \Rainbow\_Rainbow\DesktopLayouts\mylayout

for a layout belongs to this portal only. you can see it in the dropdown list of

sitesettings, but it doesn’t work while a page trying to get it. Cos’ Portalsettings. PortalLayoutPath

only try to get the layout from webpath(that is: \Rainbow\Design\DesktopLayouts).

So I made following modification:

1.      find line 263 of portalSettings.cs, you can find:
return LayoutManager.WebPath + "/" + ThisLayoutPath + "/";

2.      change this line into following lines:


                     // yiming, 18 Aug 2003, get layout from portalWebPath, if no, then WebPath

                     LayoutManager layoutManager = new LayoutManager(PortalPath);

                     if (Directory.Exists(layoutManager.PortalLayoutPath + "/" + ThisLayoutPath + "/"))                  

                           return layoutManager.PortalWebPath + "/" + ThisLayoutPath + "/";


                           return LayoutManager.WebPath + "/" + ThisLayoutPath + "/";


3.      please tell me if its right or not, txs.