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#172 18EU: invalid red-to-red route calculation in Hamburg


I've attached two save files where routes going through Hamburg are calculated incorrectly in Rails 1.8.7.

In the first one, the company running London-Hamburg-Berlin is incorrectly given a red-to-red bonus despite the route not ending in a red on both ends.

In the second a company running London-Hamburg-Warsaw with 4 tokens is given a 360(!) red-to-red bonus instead what I believe is the correct 120. It's almost as if the bonus is given for all 3 distinct pairs of red-to-red on the route.

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  • Stefan Frey

    Stefan Frey - 2014-04-02

    In Rails 1.7.12 the save files work file.
    Some of the changes in the Rails 1.8.x branch for 1880 must have caused this bug. I will check the bug in Rails 2.0 with the revised 1880 implementation.

    So the workaround is to downgrade to rails 1.7.12 for playing 18EU. Or wait for rails 2.0 ;-)

  • Stefan Frey

    Stefan Frey - 2014-04-02
    • status: open --> closed
    • assigned_to: Stefan Frey

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