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FTP Class 0.94

Long overdue post about the not so new release of the Java FTP class. New features include the ability to switch on or off the ability to display hidden files.

In previous versions the target of symbolic links could not be easily identified , now the listing includes this information.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2005-01-28

Barbet Binary

For the first time a binary release of barbet has been made available. Version 0.03 makes several minor improvements from the previous version.

Perhaps the change that will be most welcome will be the inclusion of an ant build file in the source download!

Try out CopperSmith Barbet

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-10-20

Store session data in a DB

Version 2.10 of the Rad User Manager includes provision for saving session information in a database. Most php web applications either save session data in cookies or on files located on the server.

Saving this information in a database is essential if your site is load balanced across multiple servers. Additionaly in some shared hosting enviorenments using databases may bring about and added measure of security.... read more

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-10-15

Barbet and Postgres

The second release of barbet (version 0.02) plants the seed for managing postgresql databases. This release also includes the mysql->postgresql migration classes that were recently added to CVS.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-09-08

Rad User Manager Goes Open Source

Rad User Manager version 1.00 was released under a commercial license. However Rad Inks has now decided to re release the product under the Mozilla Public License.

The open source version has been labeled as version 2.00. It's very similar to the previous version except in it's license terms.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-08-06

Mysql to pgsql migration

Copper Head a component of Barbet is now in CVS - this is a tool that allows you to migrate your data from a mysql database to a postgres system.

Currently it cannot handle the table creation and assumes that a matching table for each entry in the mysql database exists in the postgres system.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-08-05


Barbet is the name given to the graphical java database administration tool - the development of which has just started.

As the project evolves it will provide similar levels of functionality as found in phpmyadmin etc but the different been that several different databses (eg postgresql, mysql etc) will be supported.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-07-28

PHP Class evolves to an elementary client

The PHP FTP Class has evolved into an elementary web based file transfer program with the release of version 0.60.

Though the client does not have all the features of other FTP clients, it has just enough code to get you started.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-07-23

Getting off the ground

The first release from the project made it's way here (long behind schedule). However it's being kick started and you will see an ftp implementation in java coming up next.

The php implementation that's just been released will be filled out and will eventually become a complete web based FTP client.

Posted by raditha dissanayake 2004-01-01

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