#79 Add option to disallow wildcards in subconfig files


- Summary
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- The config file includes option should provide an ability to
exclude all wildcard patterns in sub config files.
- This would allow admins in a federated environment to delegate
access to a sub config file with the confidence that
administrators of those config files would not be able to put *
or other wildcard patterns in their config lines. Instead, they
would have to limit their config files to the use of specifically
named DNS hosts, IP addresses, or certificate CNs.
- Steps to reproduce
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- n/a
- Expected results
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- Disallowing the use of all wildcard patterns in sub config files
would allow a greater degree of trustworthiness in federated
- Disallowing wildcard patterns should apply to the listed
subconfig file and any of its children.
- Actual results
Please explain what actually occurred when steps above are
- The proposed config file feature offers the option of limiting
the scope of clients controlled by included config files.
However, this provides limited utility for those without a
tightly controlled DNS, IP, or CN space.
- Regression
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occur, such as software versions and/or hardware configurations.
- n/a
- Notes
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problems, workarounds and relevant attachments.
- While this would not solve every problem presented by Radmind in
a federated environment, it would lessen the need to set up
multiple server (processes) with different master config files in
order to support federation at all.
- System configuration
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experienced the problem.
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  • Andrew Mortensen

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  • Andrew Mortensen

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    I don't see the point. If the subconfig file line in /var/radmind/config is "@include *.example.edu", and the subconfig file contains "* reallybigsecret.K", it will still be limited to hosts matching *.example.edu.


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