• Tarta Florin

    Tarta Florin - 2011-01-29

    I modify the bookmarks.xml file like this:

    <group name="root">
        <group name="Radio Tray">
            <bookmark name="Smooth Jazz" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Cool Jazz" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Trumpet Jazz" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Onda Tropical" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Top Latino Radio" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Salsa Stream" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="181.FM Classic Hits" url=""/>
            <bookmark name=".977 Classic Rock" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="KDFC" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Classic FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="WCPE" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="CINEMIX" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Paradise" url=""/>
            <bookmark name=".977 The Hitz Channel" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Enjoy Station" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="80s Sky.FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="AM 1710" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="WNAR" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Groove Salad" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="181.FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Lounge Radio" url=""/>
        <group name="Romanesti">
            <bookmark name="Kiss FM Romana" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Europa FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Pro FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio 21" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Zu" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Guerilla" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Romania Actualitati" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Magic FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Gold FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Vibe FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="One FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Pro-B" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio 3Net" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Impuls Cluj" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Realitatea FM" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Cluj" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Fir Dej" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Stil FM Dej" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Unu Satu Mare" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Transilvania Satu Mare" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio Deea" url=""/>
        <group name="My Radio">
            <bookmark name="Beirut Nights Radio" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Def Jay" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Digital Imported - Trance" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Digital Imported - Disco House" url=""/>
            <bookmark name="Radio AUM" url=""/>

    With this bookmarks.xml radiotray doesn't work, not even start, no error

  • Falco Car

    Falco Car - 2011-02-22

    In the sample above, do not include the semicolon after the last </bookmarks> tag …


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