Zoltán Ruzsa - 2010-06-22

It is a really cute application, but it would be even better if you gave ssh tunneling support to it!

A lot of us try to listen to channels behind a firewall configured to let out the standard http and ssh ports only. So tuning to a station that uses a custom port can be done only by establishing an ssh tunnel to a machine on the more lucky side of the internet, and forwarding the special port to localhost.

To make it happen automatically, I have 2 ideas:

1) Easier: let the user add a command to execute before connecting to a station. (Different commands to different stations are needed…)

2) Nicer: just ask the user for the machine name to build the tunnel to, and add a checkbox to the radio stations to use or not to use a tunnel. This way the program have to build the tunnel, and tunnel the recognized port to localhost. (Less work for the user, more to the developers… :-)

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