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Doug Morse
  • Doug Morse

    Doug Morse - 2012-11-25

    Hi! I'm wondering if there'd be interest in having a RT plugin for scrobbling to  Pithos, an open-source Pandora client that is also written in Python, has the ability to scrobbl.  Thus, while not trivial, I would think that borrowing the scrobbl'ing code from Pithos might make creating such a plugin rather straightforward, as one wouldn't have to start from scratch and one has a known working implementation upon which to build.  Thanks!  -Doug

  • Carlos Ribeiro

    Carlos Ribeiro - 2012-11-28

    That would certainly be interesting. Of course there's always radio stations that don't provide album/artist information for scrobbling to However, most of them already do these days. I think that for a user this would be a nice addition.
    Thanks for the tip on pithos


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