RadioClone and RC Tank

  • Konrad Stefanik

    Konrad Stefanik - 2012-06-27

    I started a little project - 1:16 full metal Leopard RC tank. Right now I'm on the CAD-design stage. I'd like to avoid buying a specialised tank controll module as long as possible, but stil be able to test the mechanical setup.

    Can anyone confirm the possibility to set up Turnigy 9x with RadioClone to controll RC tank? I'd like to controll movements (including normal "in motion" turning and "stand still" spin turn) with one stick and turret spin/elevation with second.

    Probably it is a stupid question but I'd like to be sure before starting all the purchasing/modding operations…
    Thank you in advance.


  • Rafal Tomczak

    Rafal Tomczak - 2012-07-10

    As long as number of channels are sufficient and you don't need to get any info from your tank - it will be OK.

    That what you described is quite simple to achieve: 

    level 1 mixers:
    no changes   (you can change name for RUD,AIL,ELE if you wish)

    level 2 mixers:
    I assume that you have 2 independent engines connected to OUT1 and OUT2
    MTHR -> OUT1   copy 100%
    MTHR -> OUT2   copy 100%
    MRUD ->OUT1   copy 100%
    MRUD -< OUT2  copy -100%

    turret: (channel 3 and 4)
    MELE -> OUT3  copy 100%
    MAIL -> OUT4 copy 100%

    There is a need to change TCUT behaviour. By default it set OUT3 to -100. For tank it should behave other way:
    OUT1 set  0
    OUT2 set 0

  • Konrad Stefanik

    Konrad Stefanik - 2012-07-10

    I'm very happy to hear that it is possible. I ordered Turnigy 9x some time ago, soon I'll start experimenting. Then probably I'll ask more questions.

    Dziękuję / Thank you :)


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