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So, we released version 1.1 a few months ago. As I feared, the project has gone dormant since (which was why I put out 1.1, so that at least the changes we made since 1.0 could be made available).

Historically, RIS will go dormant like this for a while--then a couple of new programmers join us with a burst of enthusiasm. We make a bunch of improvements, put out a release or two, then the project goes dormant again.

So, if you're a programmer and have any interest in getting involved, we could really use you. Currently there are two areas that need work:

  1. Our latest effort started converting the project from CVS to GIT, and simplifying the data files so the program can use plain text rather than hex files. They stopped somewhere in the middle of that, so we're kind of stuck right now, unless we want to abandon that effort and go back to the old CVS source (which wouldn't be my first choice). If you know your way around this stuff and would like to try continuing the conversion a little, I'd be delighted to have you on board.

  2. I'd like to get the game added to the Ubuntu repository! Sure we have an Ubuntu .deb available for download, but getting it in the repository would make it that much easier for Ubuntu users to install it. More importantly, it would be a great way to publicize the game.

Anyone interested in getting involved with the project is invited to contact me at We could sure use some new blood!

Posted by Leon Baradat 2013-10-13

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