Version 1.0 Released!

Race Into Space has been declared Stable; version 1.0 is officially released. Let us all lift a glass to our brave spacemen/women and the directors & designers who take them to the stars...or something like that.

This is our broadest release to date--it's available for Windows, Mac, Linux (.deb and .rpm), and other .nix systems (.tar).

The newest file (the .rpm) has been out for almost two weeks now and no problems have been reported with it, so this seems like a good time to declare the stable release. It's a bit late, since everything but the .rpm has been available for almost a month, but I wanted to make sure we had all our installers up (and gave a little time for bug reports) before the official declaration.

Release notes are available here:

Posted by Leon Baradat 2011-08-24

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