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RIS Manual

Today, on the anniversary of the release of RIS 1.1, I've released an updated game manual tailored to the current game. I hope you like it! If you have comments, please email me at raceintospace@yahoo.com.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2014-07-05

BARIS CD uploaded!

I've just uploaded the BARIS CD, for those who might be interested in playing the old original BARIS.

It's a .7z file instead of a .zip file, because the .7z format has an aggressive compression algorithm and I was able to compress it down significantly smaller in .7z format.

The file inside is an .nrg file rather than an .iso. The reason is that an ISO can only store one track, but the BARIS CD has three (one is the game itself; the other two are the intro and end music). NRG is a Nero format, so you'll probably have to use Nero to burn the disk.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2013-10-24

Latest Update

So, we released version 1.1 a few months ago. As I feared, the project has gone dormant since (which was why I put out 1.1, so that at least the changes we made since 1.0 could be made available).

Historically, RIS will go dormant like this for a while--then a couple of new programmers join us with a burst of enthusiasm. We make a bunch of improvements, put out a release or two, then the project goes dormant again.... read more

Posted by Leon Baradat 2013-10-13

Version 1.1 released!

To celebrate independence day for one of the countries in the game (and mostly because the timing just worked out that way), we've put out a new release. Enjoy!

Version 1.1 has a few more visual cues to make the game administration easier, especially in the R&D building. Technology transfer is now no longer all or nothing; you can get partial credit now if your component isn't quite up to 75%. Advanced Training now has several improvements, including that if you withdraw someone early but they've completed half the training, they now get half credit rather than nothing at all. See the release notes under Files for more details.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2013-07-04

Mac Version 1.1

Any Mac users out there want to try out the beta? I can't do it myself, so any help would be appreciated. Email me at raceintospace@yahoo.com.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2013-06-22

Version 1.1

We're hoping to release version 1.1 soon. It will be a compilation of the current CVS code and will stand until the GIT rewrite is complete. The biggest changes are improvements to Advanced Training, and technology transfer now gives partial credit for items that aren't up to 75% yet. There are also some new visual cues to make administration easier.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2013-03-18

Change in Tracker posting

We're getting hit with some spam in the Bugs section lately, so I've turned off non-logged-in postings in Bugs, and Feature Requests for good measure. So from now on posting to those will require a SourceForge account, at least for the time being.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2012-12-04

Latest Developments

As always (lately), check the Files section for an up-to-date list of what changes have been made to the code since the last release.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2012-04-26

Inter-release release notes

I've added a sort of release notes summarizing what's happened since our last release, for those who're curious. You can find it in the Files section:--click on Files above, or follow this link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/raceintospace/files/. I hope to keep it up to date; if you see me falling behind, shoot me a note at raceintospace@yahoo.com.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2012-03-29

Bugs and Enhancement Requests

Yes, I've been busy--I finally got to something I'd been toying with for a long time. I went through my Enhancement Requests document and added any bugs and enhancement requests from there that seemed definitely worthwhile to mention on the Sourceforge page. Maybe I can work on some of the easy ones in the coming weeks. In any case, these will give us artifact numbers to reference in release notes for the next release.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2012-03-06

Advanced Training & crew skill

My recent commit implements the following enhancement requests:

- Advanced Training is no longer all-or-nothing. 'Nauts in Advanced Training now get +1 skill after 2 turns, then the other point at the end--rather than having to wait the full four turns, then getting 2 points at once.

- When you assign crews to a mission, the crew members' relevant skills highlight, just as they do in the capsule screen.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2012-03-04

Cleaning up the code

In recent news, Will Glynn is working on reworking and cleaning up the code in RIS to make it more accessible and less clunky.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2011-12-20

RIS in Ubuntu Repository

I've hoped to get Race Into Space added to the Ubuntu repository. Unfortunately, as I'm not a programmer, the always rather detailed (yet still inadequate, for beginners) instructions are opaque to me. I've managed to create a PPA on LaunchPad, but I've been unable to create a package to upload to it.

If anyone feels like helping us get added to the repository, please write me at raceintospace@yahoo.com.

Posted by Leon Baradat 2011-10-21

Version 1.0 Released!

Race Into Space has been declared Stable; version 1.0 is officially released. Let us all lift a glass to our brave spacemen/women and the directors & designers who take them to the stars...or something like that.

This is our broadest release to date--it's available for Windows, Mac, Linux (.deb and .rpm), and other .nix systems (.tar).

The newest file (the .rpm) has been out for almost two weeks now and no problems have been reported with it, so this seems like a good time to declare the stable release. It's a bit late, since everything but the .rpm has been available for almost a month, but I wanted to make sure we had all our installers up (and gave a little time for bug reports) before the official declaration.... read more

Posted by Leon Baradat 2011-08-24

Mac OS-X Universal version released

Thanks to our newest developer Will we've re-released the 0.4.5 MacOSX version as a complete disk image containing all game data. One download, no dependencies and enjoy the game.

Posted by Michael McCarty 2007-08-09

New release: raceintospace version 0.4.5

The 0.4.5 version is a bugfix release - most of reported problems were fixed.

Minor game improvements include the new fullscreen mode, unified error messages and support for mouse wheel.

This release also incrporates the grammar mod by Peyre.

We hope you'll enjoy the Race into Space!

Posted by Krzysztof A. Kościuszkiewicz 2007-07-27

Bugfix-2 for 0.4 released.

This fixes possible crashes during joint missions and the game ending.

Posted by Krzysztof A. Kościuszkiewicz 2007-03-10

Native GNU/Linux release

I've created a native GNU/Linux port of Race Into Space. You can download a binary for i386 systems, or compile from the CVS repository. The music is included in the RPM file, so you only need to download music.tar.gz if you are compiling it yourself.

Pace Willisson


Posted by Pace Willisson 2007-01-03