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R3R 2.3.2 Released

The latest version of my portable feed reader R3R has been released. It's the first "stable" version since 2.1.3 and is far superior to that version (it won't crash if you don't have a history file anymore). The latest true stable version was 2.2, which was never released due to several issues with packaging and dependencies. The next true stable version will be 2.4. Despite that, 2.3.2 should be good enough for daily use. If you experience problems, please report them to the forums or tracker.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2012-04-16

R3R 2.2 and 2.3 are in git

R3R 2.2 and 2.3 are available as git tags; for example, if you've already cloned the git repository and want to compile R3R 2.2, type:
git pull
git checkout 2.2

Both versions are nearly identical in every way, but 2.3 has some outdated code removed to form a basis of later versions. Binaries aren't available because building the GUI requires wxWidgets 2.9.x, which are beta versions. I was intending to wait for wxWidgets 3.0 to be released and become generally available, but I got antsy about wanting to implement some new features and the like, so there probably won't be a binary until later 2.3.x releases.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2012-04-01

Migration to git

As you may know, I like CVS but it's old and full of security problems (almost all SourceForge security problems are due to the CVS server and I feel that by continuing to use it, I'm part of the problem) and Subversion didn't work out (the repo became unusable). I'm hoping git provides a better, more robust system. I'm not fond of requiring everyone who wants the latest code to download an entire repository, but it's really not that big (even on dial-up, it should only take a few minutes to download). The CVS code is still available, but I'm not sure if I'll keep both updated (or just use git exclusively), and if so, for how long.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2012-03-02

R3R 2.2 Beta 2 Released

This is another beta meant to build up to a rock-solid 2.2 release of my feed reader. You're welcome to try it and report bugs; it's not any less stable than 2.1.3. This beta fixes a few issues, most notably caching feed IDs on XML feeds in which multiple items are on a single line has finally been implemented. As usual, the source code, Windows binary, and x86 Linux binaries (Autopackage, Debian, and RPM) are available. You can check this out from CVS too (module r3r, tag R3R_2_2_BETA_2).

Posted by Keith Bowes 2011-10-07

R3R 2.2 Beta 1 Released

This beta fixes a number of issues in the code base. Some highlights:
* It no longer crashes on startup if no history file is available (this has been backported to the 2.1 branch; I might release a 2.1.4 in a few months).
* The TUI options page is more accessible to smaller screens.
* The TUI refreshing is less buggy (and thus less irritating) now.
* Windows users will have to download the wxWidgets DLLs and the core DLLs separately. This keeps the download sizes small; you no longer have to download the same DLLs for each version.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2011-10-01

R3R 2.2 Alpha 1 Released

This is the first step in getting to version 2.2. Users of 2.1.3 will doubtlessly not notice a difference. The new features:
1. A new way to register feed items.
2. A rudimentary mailcap parser.
3. The GUI is linked against wxWidgets 2.9.x instead of 2.8.x. (2.2 final won't be released before wxWidgets 3.0)
4. Windows only: The wxWidgets library DLLs are now in a separate package, for less bandwidth usage (both uploading and downloading). I may do the same for the core DLLs (expat, libidn, readline, etc.) later.... read more

Posted by Keith Bowes 2011-08-04

R3R 2.1.1 Released

This is a minor update for the feed reader R3R. It fixes several issues found in 2.1, especially on the Windows platform. Upgrading is recommended.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2011-03-05

R3R 2.1 released

This is a minor bug-fix release containing the changes made in the last year since the release of 2.0. Most of these changes aren't noticeable to users, but there are a few exceptions:
1. More XML feeds work. There have been several bug fixes and changes in item registration.
2. The GUI has a web-page viewer for feed descriptions, instead of giving you the raw HTML code. The TUI strips the HTML out.
3. The TUI has been redesigned to function better where scrolling isn't available. Vi keys can be used to scroll.
4. A new command-line r3r_opml program is included. It allows you to convert between R3R's subscription format and OPML, to easily import to or export from other feed readers.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2011-02-13

Licensing Decision

I was thinking about changing the project's license to GPL 3, as I had just finished the Esperanto translation of it and would hate for the effort to be in vain (to tell you the truth, I was bored and wanted something to do, but the GNU folks haven't linked to it). Thinking about it, I think it would be best to keep it as a 2-clause BSD license, which is much shorter but less international. One reason for keeping the license is that GPL 2 and GPL 3 are incompatible, but BSD is compatible with both, so I can use both GPL 2 and GPL 3-licensed libraries with this program and do so legally.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2010-01-28

R3R 2.0 Released

I've been using this as my daily feed reader and it seems to work well. The issues in RC1 have been resolved as far as they could be. Now, work will begin on 2.1; hopefully, it won't be too much longer until its release.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2010-01-08

R3R 2.0 RC1 released

This contains all the features from the unreleased Beta 4 as well as numerous fixes for bugs that I've discovered using it as my daily reader. This version doesn't have debug information, so you should notice that it's much smaller than the alphas and betas; if you want debugging information, you can always compile it yourself. The Windows installer is still pretty big because of the bundled DLLs that are typically preinstalled on modern Linux systems. In Linux, I have an Autopackage prepared again (it tends to be bigger than the raw tarball, mostly because it also includes the source files, but it's much easier to install).... read more

Posted by Keith Bowes 2010-01-02

R3R 2.0 is feature complete

I've finished all the viable, doable features I had planned. I've decided not to release a fourth and final beta as I had planned, but instead spend some time hunting bugs and improving the code, and then start the release-candidate cycle in a week or so, with a final hopefully in the second or third quarter 2010.

With a couple of months of heavy development, I haven't been using it as my daily reader for a while, so it might have a staggering amount of bugs, but it seems to work fine for me. There are a few Windows-specific bugs (I'm primarily in Linux) that may or may not get resolved soon:
* The new cache-cleaning code doesn't work. The age of the file always comes back as -1 on Windows. That means, that the cache is always deleted. In a recent commit, I changed that so it would delete the file only if the Age was greater than 0, but that means the cache is never cleared in Windows.
* Translations don't work. I have no idea why. All the functions are working and are returning the correct text domains and directories, but none of the messages are being translated.
* The Makefile doesn't work right. You have to define the USE_FPC and PC variables. The problem seems to be with GNU make's conditionals not working in Windows.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-27

R3R 2.0 Beta 3 released

As usual, most of the changes are behind the scenes, especially due to the GNU Pascal support. However, the most notable and noticeable new features are update notifications and a multithreaded GUI (you can download feeds and read them at the same time). For Windows users, the GUI has been fixed (it should work nearly as well as it does in Linux) and it will detect your default browser and email client.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-24

Windows problems fixed in latest CVS

There were two main problems in the wxWidgets interface in beta 2. Here's a breakdown:
1. After selecting an item, no information would be displayed and you couldn't go to the link. The cause was I forgot to take out the code that set the list item's data to the current item when I changed the code to set the list item's data to a structure containing the needed information. Retrieving this structure in the event callbacks worked in Linux, but not in Windows. I removed the line setting the list item's data to the feed item and it all works in Windows now.
2. The Load Subscriptions menu item didn't get disabled after selecting it. The cause was the event's object is wxMenu in Linux but wxFrame in Windows. I'm now detecting the object and retrieving the menu item in the appropriate way for each object and it's working fine in both operating systems now.... read more

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-22

R3R 1.2.x discontinued

If there's anyone out there who's still using it, you can check out the final code through Subversion:
svn co http://r3r.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/r3r/tags/1.2.5

I haven't tested it out lately, but it passes PHP's linter. I would, however, strongly advise you to use R3R 2, however. Beta 3 is around the corner and I feel that it's near production level at this point.

There are no installers for R3R 1.2.5, because of the difficulty in digging up all the archaic software and libraries needed to make it. I tried getting GLib for it, and it wouldn't even compile. Please test out the betas and report bugs; R3R 1.2 is dead.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-22

GNU Pascal update

OK, I resolved the problems I listed in the last message and the program should compile and mostly work with GNU Pascal now. There are a few remaining issues with string length and networking, but most local feeds should display properly. But I'm not worrying about this now, as this is still the beta stage; these things can be put off until the release candidates, IMHO.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-20

R3R now compiles with GNU Pascal

Yep, but there are still a few issues. One is with two errors that are produced when constructing a class (type mismatch in argument zero and invalid use of an interface). Another is destructors don't seem to to work at all (so though, for example, GNU Pascal's build will load the settings and allow you to change them, the changes won't be committed to the disk). Of course, only the tui will compile. The wxWidgets UI won't because GNU Pascal doesn't support dynamic libraries. It doesn't support Lazarus or Turbo Vision either.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-17

R3R 2.0 Beta 2 released

Some new things in this release:
* XML namespace support. Right now, this basically means Dublin Core in RSS 1 and Atom in RSS 2. More namespaces may be added in the future.
* Subscriptions have been moved from the C++ wxWidgets GUI to the Object Pascal back-end, allowing that functionality in all UIs and allowing less code (since Object Pascal typically requires less code than C++).
* The wxWidgets GUI is now available to Windows users (see below).
* No longer crashes in Windows when viewing a feed with a search string.
* The web site has been updated.... read more

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-09

R3R 2.0 Beta 1 Released

This version is designed to be on par with 1.2.x. Most of the new features are behind the scenes: faster, more error-tolerant, more extensible, etc. However, there are a few notable new features:
* The same readable date format for all feed types.
Linux only:
* A GUI based on wxWidgets. It couldn't be done on Win32 because of crashing on startup. Maybe the reason for it can be resolved in Beta 2.
Windows Only:
* The settings are now stored in the registry.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-03

I've switched back to CVS

SVN was constantly causing me problems (and starting yesterday, fails to commit or add or remove anything), so I've decided to just start using CVS again. It took a while to get my new files up and the old ones deleted, but I think it's for the best. Unfortunately, it means that anyone who has checked out via SVN won't be getting further updates.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-12-02

R3R 2.0 Alpha 6 released

The sixth and final alpha of my feed reader has been released. It mostly has small bug fixes (especially in ESF parsing), but some notable new features include:
* Options
* The ability to open links by item number
* The option to compile with Expat or libxml2 as the XML parser (binaries are build with Expat)
* This version will actually run on Windows again (Windows and Autopackage installers are available with this release)
* Caching feed items (default: 20) to work around feeds that don't send the right information for caching
* Cached feeds can be read locally (must be explicitly enabled)
* It can guess the MIME type of feeds in cases of improper server configuration (disabled by default)
* and more

Posted by Keith Bowes 2009-01-27

R3R 2.0 Alpha 5 Released

Yes, after more than three years of occasionally working on it, I've gotten alpha 5 of the rewrite of my feed reader up. There's a source package and a Debian package (created on Ubuntu 7.10, but it should work on other systems). I'm hoping to get other packages up in the future.

This is the first release since the move to Subversion, but I couldn't get a tag created. Maybe it'll get along with me for Alpha 6.... read more

Posted by Keith Bowes 2008-12-12

Future plans

OK... I want to start working on caching in 2.x. That's really the one feature that's lacking. Sure, other things (like a GUI) would be nice, but I'm really not too concerned with them (the command-line version suits my needs).

1.2.x, sadly, doesn't work too well with PHP-GTK 2. You can check it out (it's in the /branches/1.2 directory in SVN) and build it, but it won't work that well. I suppose what I should do is redesign it with Glade, since the GTK+ API for list views really confuses me.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2008-07-23

I've moved to SVN

Yes, CVS is OK, but I really like how SVN works (unifying the local and remote repositories). Plus, SVN is actually an active project, which will be improved for the years to come. If you're checking out the code, be sure to checkout with SVN; the CVS repository will probably not change.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2008-07-15

Update on Alpha 5

All the features I intended for it are working and available in CVS. The problem currently is that I can't get it to compile on Windows. I'll try to get it working and builds up eventually.

Posted by Keith Bowes 2007-11-18

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