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QwtPolar 1.1.1

QwtPolar 1.1.1 fixes a build issue on non Windows platforms - that's all.

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2014-09-19

QwtPolar 1.1.0

QwtPolar 1.1.0 works with Qwt >= 6.1 and Qt4 >= 4.4 or Qt5

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2014-01-31

QwtPolar 1.1.0 rc0

A first release candidate for QwtPolar 1.1.0.
QwtPolar 1.1.0 works with Qwt >= 6.1 and Qt4 >= 4.4 and Qt5

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2013-09-01

QwtPolar 1.0.1

QwtPolar 1.0.1 is a pure maintenance release collecting fixes for all known bugs so far:

1. MSVC compiler issues
2. Install path for the designer
3. Missing signal/slot connections of legendItemClicked/legendItemChecked
4. Memory leaks
5. Usage of QwtCurveFitter
6. QwtPolarPicker normalization of the displayed tracker position
7. QwtPolarCanvas::invTransform

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2012-06-15

QwtPolar 0.1.0

Maintenance release + a new item for spectrograms

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2009-05-25

QwtPOlar 0.0.3

1. QwtPolarPlot::renderTo() added for any type of paint device
F.e. you can print or export a plot to a SVG document.
2. QwtPolarLayout added
This layout engine is necessary for QwtPolarPlot::renderTo()
3. QwtPolarFitter added
A simple fitter that adds equidistant points, so that the connections
of a curve in line mode get "rounded".
4. A couple of workarounds added, to avoid painting bottlenecks.
5. Panning and zoom out have been restricted to plots, that are zoomed in.
6. Designer plugin added

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2008-10-26

QwtPolar 0.0.2

License changed from GPL to Qwt ( ~LGPL )

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2008-05-14

QwtPolar 0.0.1

Project files fixed for Windows

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2008-05-01

QwtPolar 0.0.0

Initial release.

Posted by Uwe Rathmann 2008-04-17

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