Hi Christos,

dispfft is the command to send spectrum information from a signal to a graph widget. The graph widget can additionally receive on channels to set what it displays. A graph widget can display any f-table as well as signals from the display and dispfft opcodes, so you may want to use outvalue or chnset to select which table/signal is displayed. There is more detail about this as Tarmo said in the Graph Widget example.


On Sat, Mar 8, 2014 at 12:46 AM, christos carras <cnjcarras@gmail.com> wrote:

sorry, this is probably a very basic question but:

i can't seem to get dispfft and the graph widget to collaborate. no doubt i'm doing something very stupid. i don't understand how the outvalue options, the dispfft opcode and the properties of the graph widget relate.

the graph example in QT runs as audio but does not display the fft spectrum whatever options i choose.

if someone could send a really basic example as a csound unified file i would greatly appreciate it.

many thanks


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