Hi Michael,

I think that might mean that CsoundQt 0.7.0 was built for Csound5.

I'm interested in following up on your crashes. Do they happen in the middle of performance, when you start or stop a performance, or just randomly. Do they happen soon after starting CsoundQt, or at any moment? Do they seem to happen more often with certain csds or configurations?


On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 1:58 PM, Michael Saunders <odradek5@gmail.com> wrote:
Windows Vista (64)
Python version 3.4.1
Csound version 6.03.2

I'm very anxious to upgrade to CsoundQT 0.8.3 from 0.8.2 because I often experience crashes that don't seem to depend on the code---sometimes the exact same code crashes at one time and runs fine at another, even though there are no random elements involved.  I'm hoping that the new CsoundQT may solve this.

I've tried installing with CsoundQt-0.7.0-install-win32-d.exe, and everything seems to be normal, but when I try to launch CsoundQT, I get:

"The procedure entry point csoundScoreEventAbsolute could not be located in the dynamic link library csound64.dll.5.2"

What can I do?

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