Hi, event with negative p3 works, but I think adsr requires determined duration. Try chancging it to madsr and see if it helps. How do you switsh the note out? Another button?
Cheers, tarmo

19.03.2014 23:23 kirjutas kuupäeval "Jim Aikin" <midiguru23@sbcglobal.net>:
On 3/19/2014 11:57 AM, Gpp wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to trigger a ADSR envelope
> kadsr_osc1 adsr i(gkADSR_osc1), i(gkDSRA_osc1), i(gkSRAD_osc1),
> i(gkDSRA_osc1)
> using the "button" object.
> The item "voice" is set as "event", the item "latch" is selected and in the
> box event i have written "i1 0 -1".
> Do you have idea why it doesn't work?

It's hard to be sure without seeing your .csd file. Could you attach it
to a reply message? The button is going to start a new note event for
instr 1, and with the -1 p3, I'm guessing the note will stay on
indefinitely. I haven't actually tried using the button widget for this,
so I'm not certain.

If your adsr is in instr 1, it should start at the beginning of the note
event. Whether subsequent button presses will start new instances of
instr 1, I don't know. Maybe.

If you're trying to restart an envelope _within_ a running instrument
each time you press the button, then you need to use the reinit opcode
to reset the adsr, because it's not going to restart otherwise.


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