On 4/25/2012 12:48 PM, Gregg wrote:
Hey Andres - I can select a audio file and input into the field - but now which toot do I use so the orch & sco will work correctly with the audio file?

I've been following this conversation silently. Gregg, I think perhaps you would benefit from a bit more understanding of the basics. The questions you're asking are good and relevant questions, in the last analysis, but they don't have simple answers, because the answers will involve detailed explanations of the technology.

In this particular case, for instance, the phase "work correctly" conceals or implies four or five basic concepts. A knowledgeable Csound user will probably respond, "What do you mean, 'work correctly'? What is it you want to do?"

I'm not trying to be obtuse. Also, I'm not out here to plug my new book, but I do think you might want to buy a copy (Csound Power), because ... well, I'm not sure I explained such basic concepts in entirely concrete terms, because there are many tutorials that do so. But if you work your way through the examples in the book, I'm sure you'll be in a better position to ask questions.

You can play an audio file using Csound. That process is explained in the book. You can do it in numerous different ways, depending on what you're trying to accomplish -- and most of those ways AREN'T explained in the book.

My suggestion for you would be this: Don't even try playing audio files yet. Start by learning how Csound conceptualizes the process of generating audio signals.

Maybe I'm out of line. Maybe you're further along in the learning process than I think. But the broad sweep of your questions suggests to me that you might want to slow down a little and take it one step at a time. Csound is a complex system, and not as easy to learn as one might hope.

If you'd like to have a more detailed conversation about how to get things moving forward, please feel free to email me off-list. Maybe I can help.

--Jim Aikin

Cheers - Gregg

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