Hi all,

I'm having some problems with qutecsound 0.4 (the newest release) and I guess I wouldn't know where else to go for help except for this list.

Anyways, My problems are:
1.cutting/copying doesn't actually put the information in the clipboard, so when you paste, it will just paste the last thing you copied in an outside application

2.When I paste code into the main text-box, a semi-colon at any point in the code will make anything past it into a comment (including lines below it)

3.if I have the "Output Filename" checkbox selected for anything it won't render the file and I get the message that the program could not find whatever directory I've selected for the output (I've tried several, all in the C drive).

I have some other problems, but I think that I've said enough for now.
Other than that, this program seems very nice, Andres, so thanks alot!