Hey Andres - From our last email I wanted to ask another ? - and be as specific as I can.  As you know csound/qutesound has 13 toots.  If I open one of the examples - i.e. Toot1 - then I change the paramenters in the sco - I save it.  When I save it the default is Toot1.csd - from there go into the config panel under the run tab to select the output filename I want to use - users/greggthompson/desktop/Toot1.csd.  Then after I save as this info - on my desktop - I go to the run tab & and change the output filemname - Desktop/Toot1.aif & the system understands that  - to allow me to save this file as that - also - on my desktop.  I a nutshell that's the problem I having - I can't  or unable to select that info to save this files as I want to.  I hope you can understand what I'm explaining & can help?

Cheers - Gregg

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Date: April 25, 2012 3:47:47 PM EDT
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Hey Andres - I can select a audio file and input into the field - but now which toot do I use so the orch & sco will work correctly with the audio file?

Cheers - Gregg

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