go to Configure-> Environment-> Html Doc Directory and choose where your doc folder is.


If you don't have it installed or it is lost somwhere, you can download it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/csound/files/csound5/csound5.19/manual/


To see an instant help of an opcode in your csd, place the cursor on the opcodd and press Shift-F1. Very handy.


Have fun with exploring csound!



On Sunday 24 February 2013 00:18:37 Leonid Hrabovsky wrote:

Hello, I am new for programming in general and for Csound in particular. Have a problem with installing CsoundQt - the Reference Manual with opcodes at right side window is not accessible -- the warning is: "Not found! Make sure documentation path is set in the Configuration Dialog." But it is not intuitive task -- no obvious solution. Please help.