I am now wtih you again, built the new version with parameter mode.

Very nice, definitely helpful! Thanks, Ansrés!


I need to test it more in real working situation.

So far, I can not see i-parameters in the drop-down list?

Ans as, Andrés, you stated, global parameters are implemented yet.


What I actually miss more is a simple word completion - when I start to type gkVeryLongParameterName or $MAXIMUM_VALUE_OF_X- the system suggests and autocompletes the word. Like in most editors.


I promised to write that and hope to get to it one day.


I will report more when I'll have more experience.





On Saturday 07 September 2013 12:51:12 Andres Cabrera wrote:


I've implemented a new parameter mode in git. I'd like to hear some feedback and thoughts about how it's working and suggestions for improvements.

The way it works:

 - Enter parameter mode (either by autocompleting an opcode, using the menu action or the keyboard shortcut)

 - Move between parameters using the tab and shift-tab keys

 - Enter the parameter selection menu by pressing the down key or pressing the button (you will see the button if you try this...) when the button is visible.

 - Exit the parameter mode with the escape key.

Currently only local variables (inside the instrument or UDO) are displayed. I need to add support for global variables.