Hi Mark,


Yes, you can create or influence the widgets a great deal for a script or even by python command in your csd. But you hardly need to touch the xml part of the csd file that Andrés mentioned in the previous mail.


If your CsoundQt is compiled with Python Qt support (if you can see python console and scratchpad), you can reach almost all properties via the QuteCsoundPython object defined as q





or change some of its properties:

q.setWidgetProperty( "partial0", "QCS_y", q.getWidgetProperty("partial0","QCS_y")+200 )


There is a lot of information and examples about the python API on






On Monday 01 July 2013 07:28:21 Mark Brophy wrote:

I want to create a widget layout with a program using one of the examples as a starting point, button_widget.csd. Where is the .ui or .py stored? How does CsoundQt know where to place widgets?