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Now Available: QuRegExmm 0.7.1 (Mac and Win32)!

0.7.1b ::
- improved cross-platform integration
- enhanced highlighting
- faster matching
- improved regex error reporting
- improved usability (minor UI changes)
- new multi-color highlighting, allows you to easily find nested matches

Posted by Christopher Bess 2007-09-24

New Download: QuRegExmm Linux (debian) available!

The QuRegExmm Linux build is now available for download. The RPM version will appear during the next release, sorry.

Posted by Christopher Bess 2007-06-14

New Download: Mac OS X (PPC) binaries available.

Download the latest version of QuRegExmm for all ranges of Mac OS X, PPC or Intel.

Posted by Christopher Bess 2007-06-02

New Download: Mac OS X (Intel) and Win32 binaries!

The latest mac osx (intel) and win32 binaries are available for download. The PPC and Linux builds will be posted soon (by July 2007).

Posted by Christopher Bess 2007-05-28