Panel with just text but no question/options?

  • Barry P Evans

    Barry P Evans - 2013-03-11

    Interested in doing an annual online recertification quiz.  I'd like to present one or more screens of nothing more than text for the user without any sort of questioning.  i.e., present 3 pages of safety text which display only 'Next" and then ask a question on page 4 as a check-point of that education?

    Any simple XML mark-up within a quiz to present text for a page without any question to answer?

  • Joe B.

    Joe B. - 2013-03-23

    I'd do this by making the quiz take up the whole page with a lot of space devoted to the question text then put your page(s) of information in the quiz question section. You can encode HTML into the quiz XML data by escaping it (ie replace < with &lt;, etc). It should be possible for you to paginate this stuff by wrapping the pages in to divs and use external javascript to advance the pages.

    Sorry for such a late reply, I really don't have much time to work on support quizzy these days… Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with.


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