Must the quizzes be redistributed ?

  • Karagiosis

    Karagiosis - 2011-07-23


    Thanks for the Quizzy script.

    I'm not an expert of the GNU Affero General Public License.
    Could you make clear if it only forces to redistribute the modified versions of quizzy or if the quizzes and websites using quizzy must also be redistributed on demand ?
    The text of the license is endless and seems written by lawyers for lawyers…
    I'm ready to use and maybe improve Quizzy, but it is excluded that I redistribute all the content of my website.
    Then I want to be sure that Quizzy's license is not too much contaminant.
    I'm familiar with the "classical" GNU GPL license but less with the Affero license.

    Also, why not writing your own clear, short, and simple license, explaining what you accept and what you don't ?


  • Joe B.

    Joe B. - 2011-08-03

    The Affero Clause just says that if you make any changes to quizzy, you are expected to release the source for those changes or contribute them to the quizzy project. It closes up a loophole where software delivered over a network may not need to be made open source.
    I expect changes to quizzy to be made open source, but your configuration is all yours. So if you change quizzy.php, quizzy_header.php, quizzy.js, or quizzy.css to add functionality or change something in the way quizzy generally works, I expect to see source made available. Changes to quizzy_config.php, quizzy_skin.css, and anything ending in .xml is all yours and doesn't need to be released.


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