#19 Two major problems


HI my name is Tim. I have been fighting with
QuiXplorer for about 5 hours now. I have been all
through the forums, and all the documentation I can
find but nothing has helped. Here are my issues.

1) When trying to use the login I get redirected
straight back to the login screen. It never actually
logs in. I am just trying to use the default admin
username and password. I would like to use the login
feature, but if it is buggy then I guess i'll just have
to do without.

2) Uploads. When I upload something it doesn't
actually upload. It just blanks out the form, and when
I browse the files structure my file is not there. I
have checked all the settings is my php.ini file,
permissions on all the folders, and I just can't figure
out why this may be happening.

Also if you could let me know what is needed to get the
Header on to the uploads page that would be wonderful.
It's a pain not having the buttons there to be able to
go to my home or anything.

Thanks fo the help in advance.



  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    forgot an email address that you can reach me at.

    Thanks again


  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    Solved ... thanks

  • Claudio Klingler

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