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QuiXplorer is now on git

Dear guys,

i just stepped over git (why did it take so long?) and i instantly decided to put this project on git. You'll find it here:

You'll find the latest version v2.4.1beta here:


Feel free to clone and improve and inform me about improvements you did on the projects. I'm looking forward to pull :-)

Help me improve using git. For now, i'll keep the subversion repository public visible for a while.. because i'm sure i'm not doing git right at the moment, however, feel free to contribute!... read more

Posted by Claudio Klingler 2010-09-04

Version 2.4.1 beta available

There is a new version 2.4.1 beta available now in the unstable package of quixplorer.

This version has those major changes:

- Some bugfixes have been done regarding the anonymous access
- You may now configure in details which permissions (read / write / copy / move) anonymous users have
- When anonymous access is activated (require_login = false), a registrated user login is anyway possible. See the footer for the login link. This allows an open download server while only registered user may upload files.

Posted by Claudio Klingler 2008-10-03


As i mentioned in a forum a few weeks ago, i'm still working on a redesign of QuiXplorer at the moment. The main change is that the smarty template engine is used for generating the different views. So it is possible to fully customize the look of QuiXplorer in the near future.

There are also planned some improvements regarding the user interface to make it more simple.

Unfortunately work is going on slowly since i just have a few hours a week i spend on QuiXplorer at the moment. So please be patient.... read more

Posted by Claudio Klingler 2008-09-22

Version 2.4.0 beta available

I just published the version 2.4.0 of quixplorer. the main changes are the upload-only-permission feature and some additional languages.

Please notice that this is a beta release, but i'm happy if some of you want to have a look at it and give me some feedback, especially on some bugs, if you find them. ;-)

Please check the release notes!

Thanks a lot for all the guys out there for helping me!

Posted by Claudio Klingler 2008-05-17

Version 2.3.2 of Quixplorer released

The Version 2.3.2 of Quixplorer has been released now. This version contains mainly bugfixes and additional language support. See the release notes for details.

Some configuration changes are done on this version, you'll find some information on it in the release notes.

Have much fun!

Posted by Claudio Klingler 2007-10-20

Wiki enabled

QuiXplorer has now it's own Wiki (http://quixplorer.wiki.sourceforge.net/). This Wiki replaces the old documentation section since the wiki system is more easy to maintenance.

For the moment, everybody may change the contents of the wiki system, so feel free to contribute.

I think the most missing thing is an FAQ which covers the main questions found in the help / support forum and trackers. The site is prepared within the wiki but has no contents for now. You are encouraged to add items.

Posted by Claudio Klingler 2007-06-26

Installation Guide for Windows/IIS Systems

Joe provided a new installation guide for installing QuiXplorer under Windows/IIS which can be found here:


Many thanks!

Posted by Claudio Klingler 2007-06-26

Some news

Since nobody maintenanced this project the last time, i want to continue work on it in the near future.

The first steps are to fix the bugs reported by you over the last time and do some minor improvements. No major changes are planned for now, however, if you have any issues with Quixplorer, feel free to contact me.

As a first step i imported all versions since 2.0 to a subversion repository, which is available under:... read more

Posted by Claudio Klingler 2007-05-16

Future development


Since about June 2003 I haven't been able to find much time
to work on QuiXplorer. Unfortunately my studies of Mathematics
& Computer Science at Nijmegen (Radboud) University, are taking
up more time than I had initially expected.

I still have some good ideas I'd like to work on, though, and I
will try to work on implementing them when I find some time.

I've recently been working on some minor improvements, like a
location bar. I hope to finish those improvements soon, so I can
start working on the design of the next version of QuiXplorer.... read more

Posted by Felix C. Stegerman 2004-12-21

Important: vulnerability fixed

A vulnerability has been discovered that grants web server's user read access.
This has been fixed in version 2.3.1 which is available for download.
Thanks to Cyrille Barthelemy for the discovery of this vulnerability.


Posted by Felix C. Stegerman 2004-08-12

Development will continue ...

I'll start development of QuiXplorer 3.0 shortly.
Any feature request / improvement requests are welcome.


Posted by Felix C. Stegerman 2004-03-03

More languages...

We would like to support as much languages as possible. If you wish to help us translate QuiXplorer, please send an e-mail to quix at free dot fr.

Posted by Felix C. Stegerman 2003-04-02

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