Install to non-root location

  • Bob Johnson

    Bob Johnson - 2008-09-04

    Is it possible to install Quixplorer to a location other than the root folder?  I'd like to have the scripts reside in a subfolder.

    • Claudio Klingler

      You may install Quixplorer to any directory which is accessible by your webserver. Keep in mind to setup your webserver correctly so that php scripts are allowed to be executed in the installation directory. Check the "home_url" setting in the conf.php to point to the correct url and the home dir to point to your upload directory.

      • Bob Johnson

        Bob Johnson - 2008-09-05

        The good news is that the script works just fine off the root but there's something wrong when put into a sub-directory.

        The inital screen with the menu icons and list of desired folders/files will appear just fine - evidence that PHP is running in the subdirectory. 

        I can click on a file and it will appear/download. 

        I can click on a folder and those contents will appear. 

        However, all of the sudden with no pattern, the "no input file specified" message will appear.  Again, there seems to be no pattern when this message will appear.

        This same clicking pattern does not result in any message when running off the root.


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