After Log-in --> the adress is not valid

  • AquaWeb

    AquaWeb - 2007-11-24


    If got the following problem:

    1. I've installed the last version of quix and I can get on the loggin page.
    2. I enter admin and pwd_admin
    3. Iget a page with the message:"

    Address not valid 

    Most likely causes:
    There might be a typing error in the address.
    If you clicked on a link, it may be out of date.

       What you can try:
         Retype the address. 

         Go back to the previous page.

    I've tryed to change the home things in the .config but doesn't work

    I could use some help here. Thx.


    • Claudio Klingler

      Please check again the $GLOBALS["home_url"] setting. It must point to the correct URL where the quixplorer is hostet on the webserver. It has to be a valit http://-URL.

    • AquaWeb

      AquaWeb - 2007-12-02


      in fact I'm using a DNS adress that allows me to reach my server (wich is in fact my computer). this is were i've unzipped quix explorer (I think the way i've placed the folders is ok because I can reach the login page). The thing is that I don't want to be then directed to an url but to a folder or someplace on the computer.

      I hadn't change the $GLOBALS["home_url"] but Still I don't know what to put there...
      here's what I've got right now:

      // Configuration Variables
          // login to use QuiXplorer: (true/false)
          $GLOBALS["require_login"] = true;
          // language: (en, de, es, fr, nl, ru)
          $GLOBALS["language"] = "en";
          // the filename of the QuiXplorer script: (you rarely need to change this)
          $GLOBALS["script_name"] = "http://".$GLOBALS['__SERVER']['HTTPS_HOST'].$GLOBALS['__SERVER']["PHP_SELF"];
          // allow Zip, Tar, TGz -> Only (experimental) Zip-support
          $GLOBALS["zip"] = true;    //function_exists("gzcompress");
          $GLOBALS["tar"] = false;
          $GLOBALS["tgz"] = false;
          // QuiXplorer version:
          $GLOBALS["version"] = "2.3";
      // Global User Variables (used when $require_login==false)
          // the home directory for the filemanager: (use '/', not '\' or '\\', no trailing '/')
          $GLOBALS["home_dir"] = "/";
          // the url corresponding with the home directory: (no trailing '/')
          $GLOBALS["home_url"] = "/";
          // show hidden files in QuiXplorer: (hide files starting with '.', as in Linux/UNIX)
          $GLOBALS["show_hidden"] = true;

      Hope you can help me ;)

      Anyway, thx for your help Claudio

    • Claudio Klingler

      The "home_dir" and "home_url" pathes are invalid.

      For the home_url, take the URL for your download site, e.g. "". The URL is displayed in your browser when you see the login page. Remember that the path must not end with a "/".

      The home_dir has to point to the directory where the files are stored the users can upload and download. This has to be the path to your local directory on your system (no URL), e.g. "/var/www/files" on unix systems or "c:/upload" on windows servers.

      Best regards,


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