• Karsten Rasmussen

    I use QAuiXplorer 2.3.1, an I would like to put some pictures and banners to the login page, and that page you se when you be logged in.
    Anyone who can tell me where i need put that code?

    • hquadrat

      hquadrat - 2009-02-23

      Hi there,

      you  can edit the header- and footer-file in the application and easily place your stuff where you want.
      I don't remember the exact file names but edited them often and it should be little effort to find out which files you you need.


    • Karsten Rasmussen

      I am no that god, could you give me an example of code?

      • hquadrat

        hquadrat - 2009-02-24

        Sorry, I can not do that. If you wanna change software you need basic knowledge how to do that. If you don't have it - you simply can not do it or find a freelancer who does the work for you.

        HF, Henning


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