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Change Images

  • coldasice

    coldasice - 2007-10-16

    Cause all the images are to small , i tried replacing dir.gif image with a bigger ones but when i refresh, the image was small again. Is there any way to increse the size of images ?

    • Claudio Klingler

      As far as i know, changing the images should work. Maybe your browser has cached the files and did not reload them when you refresh the screen.

      Try to clear your browser cache before you do the refresh. Then the new images should appear.

    • coldasice

      coldasice - 2007-10-18

      I changed some images , but the size of the new images are the same , smaller like old ones. If I try to put a 48x48 image , the browser will still display a 16x16 image.

    • coldasice

      coldasice - 2007-10-18


      • Claudio Klingler

        I see the problem is, that the are displayed with a fixed size when the html-page is generated.

        For (a quick and dirty) fix you may want to change your php skripts directly, search for the following line:

                echo "<IMG border=\&quot;0\&quot; width=\&quot;16\&quot; height=\&quot;16\&quot; ";

        in fun_list.php and change the width and height of the img to the new values of your image. You'll find similar lines in fun_search.php and fun_copy_move.php.

        I'll make a change request for variable image sizes for the next release.

    • coldasice

      coldasice - 2007-10-19

      Thanks for help, fixed the problem, some people cant "see" those small icons and without text they are "blocked" :-)
      Using QuiXplorer for intranet/backup stuff and it REALLY HELPS ALOT. Thanks again.


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