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  • clindquist

    clindquist - 2008-06-13

    Hi there! Where would I begin -- what file could I modify -- to give access to a common or shared directory to a group of multiple users? Each has his/her own home directory. Could I make another directory common to all of them by including an alias, let's say, in their home directories? I've tried that simple approach -- and it doesn't seem to work.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • clindquist

      clindquist - 2008-06-14

      It may not be elegant, but my solution was simple: add a "return" true statement to the "down_home" function in the fun_extra.php file, if the specific name of my common directory is found in the $abs_dir variable. So that took care of it! If the name is not found, "down_home" continues to evaluate for paths outside of users' home directory.

      It's simple. But I hope that it's safe?

      • Claudio Klingler

        at the moment i see no reason why this should be unsafe.

        however, a feature of a common home directory would be nice to have.

        best regards,


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