active development?

  • Ralf Lehmann

    Ralf Lehmann - 2004-07-30


    I was wondering whether the development has stopped a couple of months ago or there's something 'going on' behind the scenes.

    After reviewing quite a few similar projects recently I have to say that this one is pretty nice and meets most of my requirements. There's still room for improvements from my point of view, i.e.

    - renaming of files/directories
    - displaying .php files using highlight_string(), highlight_file(), or show_source()  instead of calling them up
    - different file editors for different file types
    - a dialog like "Do you really want to overwrite this file?" instead of "This item already exists."
    - Et cetera.

    Don't get me wrong, QuiXplorer is already very(!) useful. The only question is: Can we hope for new versions soon? ;)

    Best, Ralf.

    • Felix C. Stegerman


      Thank you for telling me what improvements you would like.

      I've been quite busy with other things lately, but I haven't forgotten about QuiXplorer.

      One of the reasons I haven't done much work on it is that I wanted to wait for PHP5 to become available.

      I'm currently working on a list of features for the next QuiXplorer, as well as a redesign for my PHP archive (zip, tar, etc.) management library to be used with QuiXplorer.

      I plan to work on the list of features and design ideas during my vacation.

      I will be starting my mathematics study at Nijmegen university (Netherlands) in september and hope to find some time to continue to work on QuiXplorer soon afterwards.

      If you know of any other new features and/or improvements you would like to be added to quixplorer, please let me know.



      Felix C. Stegerman

      the QuiX project - free software development

    • Cassio

      Cassio - 2006-12-11

      um...could you add unicode support to it?

      i'm having problems with simplified chinese, traditional chinese and i think unicode is the solution


      it really is a great program though

    • PIM Fusion

      PIM Fusion - 2007-01-23

      Check out the source forge project PIM Fusion.  It was built on Quixplorer and includes several feature enhancements and a few bug fixes.  PIM Fusion is an integrated "Personal Information Management" system.

    • skamster

      skamster - 2007-09-24

      a little idea from me is a integration with eyeos. if you could take this one in a eyeos-windows, it's very great step, i think. :)

    • Maxime Lafontaine

      You should take a look at this ...
      is that QuiXplorer... no?

    • martel street

      martel street - 2009-02-25

      hi just wanted to say thank, this script is very useful and easy to modify.
      good work.

      even so extplorer is a good one too, and i'm using it to rename and change permission for recursive subdirectories.
      but just for a good view of you're files i think this script is better and faster.

      very good work and thanks a lot :P


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