FatalCure - 2005-04-12

A couple of features id like to see

* users disk quota, editable by admin. SOem1 already suggested this.. It would rule.

* Automated signup/registration page... theres nothing I hate more than having to signup all these users myself, coulndt I get an automated signup page, where they enter a bunch of details, username, password etc... and there account is created with no admin needed..

*The images to be replaced with words.. ie "upload" looking at those pics i dont know, nor can i remebr what half of them mean.

Being able to rename files without having to go to the text editor and saving.

Maybe a wysiwyg editor, so instead of having to write all the code if you dont know html you can create a html page that has options for bold text, background colors , images etc... and automatically the code is displayed in the page.