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1.2.0 released

Quivi 1.2.0 released. The biggest change is performance: it's now much faster to open large images. Also, two often requested features were added: rotation and thumbnails.



Posted by Conrado PLG 2009-07-06

1.1.4 released

Some bugs were fixed and the Linux version was released.

Get it at

Posted by Conrado PLG 2009-01-10

1.1.3 released

This version has a few bugs fixed which would prevent some files from being opened. Two new features were added: portable mode and background color customization. A new language is available: Spanish (Chile).

Full changelog:

Posted by Conrado PLG 2008-11-08

1.1.2 released

Two bugs fixed:
- Fixed: bug that would incorrectly sort files inside compressed files with folders
(would sort by the file name only, not by the full path inside the compressed file)
- Fixed: bug that would make "Update available" appear when there wasn't any

Download Quivi at:

Posted by Conrado PLG 2008-10-22

1.1.1 released

Quivi 1.1.1 was released, fixing two bugs (the first introduced in the previous release).

- Fixed: bug that would prevent opening "My Computer"
- Fixed: bug that would prevent adding drives to favorites

Posted by Conrado PLG 2008-10-14

1.1 released

Quivi 1.1 was released, with many bugs fixed, specially some prefetch/cache bugs. Quivi should open images much faster now when browsing file after file (not randomly).

Full changelog:
Download page:

Posted by Conrado PLG 2008-10-12

1.0.2 released

This is a bug fix release:

- Added: support for unicode filenames inside RAR files
- Improved: Space is set to "Select/open next" as default again
(you still have to set it in the Options dialog if you have already installed
- Improved: When opening a directory its first image is prefetched
- Fixed: Update was shown as available even after updating
- Fixed: Would not open more RAR files after opening several of them... read more

Posted by Conrado PLG 2008-09-28

1.0.1 released

The biggest fear of any developer: a horrendous bug that would
prevent the program from running if the user have never installed
Quivi (so it worked for me!). Sorry! Fixed.

Posted by Conrado PLG 2008-09-22

1.0 released

The 1.0 version of Quivi was released. This is a completely rewritten version. Check the project page for details.

Posted by Conrado PLG 2008-09-21

0.6 released

This is a bug fix release. The next release will probably be a entire new rewritten version that I'm working on. It'll keep (most of) the current features and will be portable (will work on Linux!).


Fixed: program would crash when opening when a non-accessible directory
was in the favorites or history list.
Fixed: Files with a "~" in the path would not open when opened by file
association (e.g., opening images inside 7-zip)
Added: German translation. Thanks to CracKPod and Sebastian Beschke.

Posted by Conrado PLG 2008-06-07

0.5 zip broken

The 0.5 zip release was broken - the language files were missing, so all the UI text would be blank. It's fixed; sorry for the inconvenience.

Posted by Conrado PLG 2007-11-02

0.5 released


* Fixed: ZIP/RAR files with uppercase extensions wouldn't open
* Fixed: Braindead file numbering sorting improved (will sort if there are multiple numbers in file name)
* Fixed: Installer asks if instalation is for all users
* Fixed: Custom width for image fit wouldn't be saved
* Added: Installer can associate file extensions with Quivi
* Added: Unicode filename support, still doesn't work for zip/rar files though
* Added: Portuguese translation

Posted by Conrado PLG 2007-08-27

0.4 released

The version 0.4 of Quivi - a quick image viewer and manga / comic reader - has been released.

This version adds support for password protected zip/rar's, as well for zip/rar's inside zip/rar's.

Some unusual file numberings are now sorted in the correct order - e.g., what would be sorted before as 1.jpg, 10.jpg, 11.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg is now sorted correctly.

Finally, some bug fixes that prevents crashing when opening corrupt RAR files and when fast switching.... read more

Posted by Conrado PLG 2007-03-21

0.3 released

Some bugs fixed, and now you can customize the key bindings to suit your tastes!

Posted by Conrado PLG 2006-10-16

0.2 released

Fixed: files with uppercase extensions would not appear in the list
Added: scroll wheel support
Added: "Open Directory" in the folder menu, shortcut to it (Ctrl+O)
Added: middle click selects/opens next item
Added: fit width (ctrl+w) and fit height (ctrl+h)
Added: refresh (F5)
Added: space bar as an alternative key for End (select/open next item)
Improved: file list gains focus automatically on mouse hover
Improved: file list selected item always has the highlight color
Improved: when opening an image, if the file list is visible, it will be aligned away from it (tries to minimize the portion covered by the file list)

Posted by Conrado PLG 2006-07-20

0.1 released - again

Oops. Forgot to pack a required dll. Sorry for my distraction :)

Posted by Conrado PLG 2006-07-04

0.1 released

This is the first release of Quivi, a Windows image viewer / comic reader. Though it's fairly functional, there are lots of things to be implemented... Feedback is appreciated!

Posted by Conrado PLG 2006-07-01

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