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Problems With RedHat 9

  • Jason Huebel

    Jason Huebel - 2003-05-02

    I'm not sure that this is RedHat 9 specific, but I have the following paths to the required tools:

    MPlayer: /opt/mplayer/bin/mplayer
    MEncoder: /opt/mplayer/bin/mencoder
    Transcode: /usr/bin/tcprobe
    Temp Path: /home/jhuebel

    When I scan a DVD (for example "So I Married an Axe Murderer", which has no special features to complicate things), I get the following output on STDIN (konsole):

    * Scanning DVD...
    Found 1 titles
    Found audio languages ['en', 'es', 'pt']
    Found subtitle languages ['en', 'es', 'ko', 'pt', 'th', 'zh']

    However, immediately after that I get the generic error that QuickRip was unable to find any DVD tracks... blah blah...

    Any ideas?  I checked to make sure the paths are all correct for each tool.  Everything checks out.

    I'm using PyQT 3.5, Python 2.2.2, mplayer 0.90rc5 and transcode 0.6.3.  Of course, this being RH9, I'm also using glibc 2.3.2 and gcc 3.2.2.

    • Tom Chance

      Tom Chance - 2003-05-02

      Could you post the output of:

      tcprobe -i /dev/dvd

      mplayer -identify -dvd 1

      It's probably a bug in the code, so the output of those two will let me recreate the error and fix it :)

    • Jason Huebel

      Jason Huebel - 2003-05-03

      Well, the tcprobe option you asked me to run gave me the answer.  No fault of yours... I needed to download and install libdvdcss.  Once that was installed, all was right and good in the world. :-)

      BTW, I'm about to put in a feature request in the bug tracker... I generally only do one-pass encoding.  Can you add that as an option?  I'm trying two-pass encoding for the first time right now with Quickrip.  Perhaps I'm misguided in wanting one-pass?

      I'm also putting in a feature request for an ETA for each phase of the encoding...

    • Tom Chance

      Tom Chance - 2003-05-03

      Thanks for the feature requests :) It's nice to see Sourceforge's services being used already!

      I might actually add some more code to check that tcprobe, mplayer etc. are not only found, but working, because quite a few people have got bad installations of those programs and QuickRip isn't very helpful about telling you that.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      got the rpm off the site - did rpm -ivh quickrip...rpm
      went to go fux with it and this is what i get -

      $ quickrip
      Traceback (most recent call last):
        File "/usr/bin/quickrip", line 71, in ?
        File "/usr/bin/quickrip", line 62, in main
          import gui
        File "/usr/share/quickrip/", line 312
          self.Dialogue.textLabel4 = QLabel(self.Dialogue.groupBox3,"textlabel4")
      SyntaxError: invalid syntax

      sorry to tell u - i can't program and im not sure what to inclued in this post= i have a p3 gateway x686 RH9 (fully updated)
      any answers would be nice


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