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Easily store and retrieve quotes. This program allows you to save your quotes by entering them into the program and then later view them by searching authors, tags, dates or by viewing all of the entered quotes.

Basic Use

After starting the program, you will see the home screen. Towards the top of the screen, there is a search bar, to the right of the screen there is a white box labelled "Quotes Found" and in the right/center of the window is a large text box labelled "Quote". These are the main parts of the program that you will use for searching and viewing quotes. To search for a quote, simply type in your query into the search bar and either hit "Enter" on your keyboard or press the search button.

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Searching for a quote
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Entering a new quote
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Main interface

After the search has finished, you will see all of the results found listed in the "Quotes Found" box. To view a quote, simply double click on the quote that you want to view. After double clicking on a quote, you will see the quote, author and date shown in the main "Quote" box. The contents of this box will not change until you double click on another quote, so you can search for a quote, or add a new quote with out changing the current quote you are

List All

If you want to list all of the stored quotes in your database, as of version 1.1, you are able to do this by searching for "all" in the search bar. After entering the word all into the search, press enter or click search like normal and all of your quotes will be listed in the "Quotes Found" section, alphabetized by the names of the author.

New Quotes

To add a new quote into the program go to the File menu, and choose the option "New Quote..." or press the hot key "Ctrl+N". After initiating this, you will see a quote entry dialog. Here you can enter details about the quote such as the author, the actual quote and date. You will have to enter a unique name for the quote which you cannot change later. There is currently a bug, that when editing a quote you can re-type the name of the quote, this however is not saved and the name of the quote won't change.
When you enter a new quote, you will be asked to enter tags for your quote as well. These tags are used to help you find the quote again in searches. You should try to enter tags which relate to the quote such as keywords like love, war, intelligence, self confidence, etc. When you are entering tags, they should be separated with a semi-colon ( ; ). e.g. "tag1;tag two;tag3". Separating your quotes with the semi-colon allows the keywords to be registered as separate and not two words with a space or some other character in the middle. Tags can be modified later.

Random Quotes

To get a random quote, go to File>Random Quote or use the hot key "CTRL+R". This will put a randomly selected quote from your database in the "Quote" text area.

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