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QuickPlay 3.8.4

New version of Quickplay, the multi-emulator frontend, has been released. This release is a bug fixing release, with some new features. It is a recommended update. For full changes see the homepage.

Posted by John Scott 2006-09-02

Quickplay 3.8.3 Released

New version of the multi-emulator frontend. Mostly a bug-fixing release, its a recommended update.

Changes include:
* Add support for media images/icons inside ZIP files (and ONLY zip files)
* Uncompress File Picker uncompresses all files first
* Add a ROM doesnt use the editted System File Exts
* Appearance Options Hidden by other options
* Equal amount of ROMs and Real MAME Icons causes crash
* Last System in the list is left off in Emulator Management screen

Posted by John Scott 2006-02-05

Quickplay 3.8.2 Released

Fixed embarrassing bug that totally broke the Emulator-Finder function

Posted by John Scott 2005-12-07

Quickplay 3.8.1 Released

New Features:
- Re-Order media panel tabs by dragging and dropping active tabs in the media panel options screen.
- Run Random ROM thats never been played
- Power Scheme Changing when running ROM. This is both a global option and you can override on a per-emulator basis.
- Temp uncompressing folder setting. This is both a global option and you can override on a per-emulator basis.
- Ability to change whether Quickplay fully expands all folders on startup, or just first level folders, or no folders.... read more

Posted by John Scott 2005-12-06

Quickplay 3.7.7 Released

Another quick bug fix release:
- Bug in "Real MAME ROM Icons" fixed, no longer blows up Quickplay..

Posted by John Scott 2005-05-15

3.7.6 Released

Fixed an integer-overflow bug when trying to add a load of ROMs at once.

Posted by John Scott 2005-05-14

QuickPlay 3.7.5 Released

Small bug fixing release. Hopefully this will be the last bug fixing release before I start to add/change stuff for 3.8! Fixes include:

- Fixed bug where editing emulators after going through the firstrun wizard renamed all emulators..

- Changed default romlist colours back to 'standard' window colours. go to options and click "default" to reset these colours.

- Changed behaviour of file picker when adding in compression support. Now u just get "all formats" instead of a separate entry for zip, rar, etc..

Posted by John Scott 2005-05-10

QuickPlay 3.7.4 Released

Just a small bug fixing release, changes are:

Fixed - Running game pauses for 4-5 seconds, caused by the hint box.. doh..
Fixed - Zinc roms not finding proper images with filenames the same as zips.
Fixed - Number of times played not actually working..

Posted by John Scott 2005-03-08

QuickPlay 3.7.3 Released

This is a bug fixing release to fix embarrassing bugs. Heres the changes:

* fixed bug where "mame-scanned" roms wouldnt actually run.. how embarrassing..
* Fixed bug where MAME i686 would never run because quickplay was looking for the wrong configuration file.
* Fixed bug where MAME/Zinc scan would fail if you selected to use the catver file, but it didnt exist.
* Changed default commandline for new roms to add quotes.
* Run With list is now alphabetically sorted.
* Fixed MAME config file check question appeared after quickplay had minimised.. doh..... read more

Posted by John Scott 2005-02-10

QuickPlay 3.7.2 Released

Another new version of the multi-emulator frontend, new in this version -

-ZiNc support. Just go to "Arcade ROMs" in the menu, and "Scan for ZiNc ROMs"
-Re-instated "use QP temp directory for extraction" setting. Work-around for a bug where if you have a zipped copy of a game, and an unzipped copy in the same folder, QuickPlay will extract the zipped version over the unzipped version, and then delete it.
-Added right-click menu for GoodMerge "ROMs inside Archive", a lot of the menu entries do nothing, this is by design!
-Fixed - No Tabs setting wasnt sticking..
-Fixed - Run Dialog was wiping out emulator compression settings.
-Fixed - When adding new emulators, the compression options werent loading.
-Fixed - uncompressed games wont run in a GoodMerge folder.
-Fixed - Changing the default emulator in the "directory mirroring" didnt change the emulator for ROMs

Posted by John Scott 2005-01-31

QuickPlay 3.7.1 Released

New version of the multi-emulator frontend, just a few small fixes:

-Background Images are working again.
-New option to disable the tabs in the sidebar, tabs can now be switched by using the "view" menu
-New option to only show ROM folders in the rom listings. No virtual folders, and no ROM "root node"
-Bug Fixed - Pressing enter on ROM sometimes launched the wrong ROM.
-Made a few small changes to try and fix the slow launching of emulators some folk are having. ... read more

Posted by John Scott 2005-01-28

QuickPlay 3.7 Released

New version of QuickPlay, the multi-emulator frontend. There are lots of changes in this new version, heres some of the highlights:

- Emulator properties totally rewritten, uses special variables.
- Goodmerge ROMsets now support.
- Ability to add 'Tools' to QuickPlay, instead of adding non-emulators into your emulator database.
- Compression support totally rewritten. Currently has full support for Zips and READ-ONLY support for 7z, RARs and ACE files.
- Improved virtual folders.
- Enhanced IPS patching support.
- And LOTS more that I forgot to take a note of..

Posted by John Scott 2005-01-18

QuickPlay 3.6.3

New version of QuickPlay released, new in this version:

- Major IPS Patching bug fixed by Dan.
- Virtual Folders optimised and working much faster now
- Preliminary support for showing multiple images as thumbnails
- All internal strings moved to resource strings.
- Stopped QuickPlay jumping back to the start of the rom list when you edit a rom.
- Removed the "check for updates" which didnt work very well!

Posted by John Scott 2004-11-06

QuickPlay 3.6.2 Released

Just the one major change in this version - to be honest I only released it so I could try out the sourceforge file release system :-)

Oh its the emulator management screen, its been totally rewritten!

Posted by John Scott 2004-10-26

QuickPlay moved to SourceForge

QuickPlay has moved to SourceForge! Many thanks to the sourceforge folk for hosting this project! I will have the current version uploaded as soon as I figure out how! :-)

Posted by John Scott 2004-10-22

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