Looking for Game console package pics

  • Skyshroudterror

    Skyshroudterror - 2008-01-01

    Hi, Im looking for all the major game consoles and handhelds in there orignal boxes.. I searched for awhile and I couldnt find any pics of the origina boxes.. Like nintendo, snes, gba, gameboy... you know.. The pics im looking for are nice pics, none taken at an angle or anything, just straight foward. If anyone could help me find pics, that would be kool

    • Koss

      Koss - 2008-01-01

      If you find any be sure to post them here so I may add it to the QP resource site.
      BWT I think I have boxes of the NES, all 3 versions too. If you or someone else finds anymore, I could make a pack which would include all of ours.



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