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Coming Soon

I am in active development but not comiting much to this specific CVS yet. If anyone is interested I can comit the latest files to the CVS repository here at Source Forge.

Currently, I am implementing the Open H.323 stack into the working GUI. I have already implmented and tested the Quicknet device. I just need to make H.323 work correctly to complete the inital goal of this project.

I am looking for information on supporting Creative Lab's VoIP Blaster USB device. If anyone has any information please don't hesitate to contact me.... read more

Posted by Jeremy Mcnamara 2001-09-24


I am currently in active development to make my vision of QuickPhone come to life.

I will comit files to the CVS as I make them successfully compile. Although I can't ensure they will be bug free or even work like I intended.

I have a mailing list setup feel free to subscribe and send a message introducing yourself and either what features you would like me to work on implementing or if you would like to lend a hand in primary development.... read more

Posted by Jeremy Mcnamara 2001-07-23